About Us

Innovating in Financial Technology

  Corsair Globaltech is an early-stage Financial Technology company. 

Our products connect financial institutions with their customers, with a focus on serving the “underbanked”.

An Underserved Audience

  In 2018, 68 million Americans, representing about 1 in every 4 households, either did not have a bank account or were forced to use punishing payday-loan and cash-fronting services to make ends meet. 

This is an economically diverse mix of working- and middle-class families, poor and unemployed people ... young people, immigrants, and others who are trying to make it paycheck to paycheck.

Everyone should have access to affordable, convenient, secure, and low-cost financial services ... we fill in the gaps in the current system and bring better financial tools to this audience.

How we can help.

  Our Mission is to improve communications between 

the financial services providers and underbanked customers,

 across every touchpoint in their financial life. 

Our industry leading Payments Platform, developed with the benefit of tens of thousands of real-life relationships, laid the groundwork for a whole series of products that we are just now bringing to market. 

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